Why join us?

Why join us?

Our Principles

Lyreco's growth has always been shaped around its focus on service levels and core values. These continue to be the fundamentals on which we build our future and it is important that every Lyreco employee and supplier understands our commitment to maintaining strong ethical standards. We endeavour to be the reference point for sustainable workplace solutions. This is taken into account at all times and in every decision we make. We do this by developing and building upon human relationships. Working in this way will engage our customers and employees, and further challenge our suppliers to work harder towards a more sustainable future.

Our People

People are at the heart of everything we do and stand for. As a business we pride ourselves on providing our employees with the best development and career paths available to them, achieved through tailoring training needs and the support they are provided with. Our customers are paramount to our success, we recognise this by providing a service which is second to none. All departments work together to make sure the service delivered is top class at all times, to ensure we retain our loyal and committed customers. All of our suppliers that we work with follow our "Supplier Code of Ethics", so we can be confident that the businesses we work with are committed to providing the strongest ethical standards and we recognise our suppliers annually for the support they provide to us.

Our Solutions

We provide everything you need and more within your workplace environment and our "Workplace Solution" offering covers everything to make life easier at work! Our catalogues cover a vast array of categories from PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Catering & Hygiene, Office Supplies, Personalised Products and more. With over 7,500 products and services, we can offer everything from a one-stop "Workplace Solution" provider and with our Specialist Teams, maybe we can help, with areas that we don't even know about yet!